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venerdì 15 ottobre 2010

Never without..

I though that I never come out without my foulard. Every time I wear one: in summer, in autumn, in winter.. no simple scarf (just when it's really really cold, with a wollenhat and gloves) but something like "pashmina" or silk foulard.
In summer, I hate the air-conditioned and a foulard, it's better solution for cold air. When I go inside a Market on in one shop.. I'll can protected my skin with one of that.
In the autumn-fall with my biker-jaket (I hope it's the right word) I can wear every day one different for colour or style.

Every day I try to choose just one of this amazing collection, try to mach the color of shoes, of my bag, of something that I wear but, It's so difficult!!
I have a "huge" collection and now, I don't know where I can put all of this foulard..
Someone have an idea??
What do you think about my colours?? My style and the foulard-style in general??

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